• KinGo, to make physical activity a passion. A lifestyle.


Our Mission

Making physical activity a lifestyle.
Contributing to the improvement of overall health and well-being.
Promoting safe and effective training methods.

KinGo is a company offering services in physical activity. Always attentive to the needs of our clients, several options are available to help you achieve your goals.

A physical fitness evaluation along with specific, measurable, realistic and time-limited goal setting will allow you to experience success and keep you motivated.  Regular, detailed training programs and/or supervision during your workouts will give you the tools to succeed in pursuing your goals, providing you with a high quality personal training that meets your needs.

Those “allergic” to gyms will greatly enjoy being in beautiful Mount Royal Park, practicing a diversified and well structured exercise program. Group training allows you to be a part of a social network where friendly and enthusiastic people encourage attendance and provide motivation.

KinGo also offers conferences and workshops on various topics related to physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

KinGo is a synonym for

Diversified and personalized service
Professional and motivating follow-up

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